Thanks to Smart Service for sponsoring this year’s awards!

We will be giving awards in the following categories:

Old School
Classic Subaru (Pre-1977)
Gen 1 – 1977-1981
Gen 2 – 1982-1985
Gen 3 – 1986-1990
Brat – 1978-1987

Gen 1 Legacy 1990-1994
Gen 2 Legacy 1995-1999
Gen 3 Legacy 2000-2004
Gen 4 Legacy 2005-2009
Gen 5 Legacy 2010+

Impreza 1993-2001
Impreza Wagon 2002-2007
Impreza Sedan 2002-2007
Impreza 2008-2014 (excludes 2012+ Impreza / XV)
Impreza / XV 2012+
WRX / STI 2015+

Other (name subject to change, includes Justy, Tribeca, SVX, XT)

Overall Awards
Best of Show Bob Barci Memorial
Best Offroad
Best Old School Swap
Best New School Swap
People’s Choice
Judges’ Choice
Best Overall Impreza
Best Overall Legacy
Best Overall Old School


Here is a message from our head judge, Erich!

One question that is asked every year is how the car show is judged.  Over the years, there’ve been several different methods.  Everything from attendee voting to a numeric scale has been used.  Every year there’s questions and complaints and we don’t figure those will stop.  Remember that the car show is a secondary event to the overall West Coast Subaru Show experience.  It’s not part of the NCCA points series, it’s a grass roots event for Subaru enthusiasts.  Have fun with it.

This year, we thought we’d provide a bit more transparency as to what we’re looking for and how the show is judged.

  • This is not Hot Import Nights.  We will not be judging it as such but that’s not to say that elements of traditional car show judging will not be used.  We will not be running our fingers on the backside of your wheels to check for dirt.  However, an empty chip bag in the back seat or Starbucks cups in the cupholders detract from the overall appearance of the car.  Simple cleanup goes a LONG way.  Nearly everyone drives their cars to the show, but if you want to win an award it shouldn’t look like you just had a party in it.
  • We will talk to everyone that is at their car.  If you don’t care about the car show or think your car is so epic that you don’t need to tell us about it, or that your displayed modlist says enough, then you don’t have to be there.  When talking to the judges, show passion for your car, tell us why it’s special to you, why it stands out, etc.  You know your car better than we do.
  • We will not be judging based on a numeric scale.  All cars in a given class will be evaluated and discussed with their owners (assuming they are present).  The judges will then evaluate who they think are the top cars based off of those conversations and observations in each class and reserve the right to make another trip to look at the top car(s).  If a car is moved out of the show area before judging is over, we will not try to go find it for our 2nd look. This may not be necessary for all classes.  Just because you don’t see a judge twice doesn’t mean you won’t win.
  • The judges can’t be bought.  But you can try.
  • Once a car has been judged it will receive a sticker indicating it has been judged.  If your car has received a sticker and you were not present for the judging, please find a judge and let them know.  We will do our best to accommodate any cars that were missed in the judging but we have a limited time frame to judge in.  If it is outside of the judging hours, then we cannot go back and judge it as awards are already being determined.  If the car show is important to you, please be by your car.