WCSS 14 – A Great Sucess!!

We’ve come to the close of another great West Coast Subaru Show. The dust has settled, the crowds have parted, and the staff is catching up on some much needed sleep.

At the end of it all this year we set some record numbers. We had a total of 400 cars at the show and a full 600 people attending. It was an incredible showing of support and we are proud to have had all of you as a part of the show.

Subaru of America pulled out all the stops this year and not only sponsored show grounds and brought out a BRZ to show off, they also graced us with the unveiling of the brand new 2013 Subaru XV Cross Trek. Thanks guys!

Camping went better than in just about any year past. You guys were well behaved, cleaned up spotlessly on Sunday, and didn’t keep us up all night. We can’t thank you all enough for minding your manners in the campgrounds this year.

We managed to sell out of nearly every last shirt and sold more raffle tickets than in any year past. The raffle was a great success this year, thanks in large part to all of our vendors that made an incredible showing. You guys brought some beautiful cars, contributed some huge things to the raffle, and wonderful product to show off.

The mud pit turned out to be everything we could ask for, and then some. We’ll have to try hard to not be too spoiled by how incredible this mud pit was in years to come. Congratulations to the winner of the mud drags, and to anyone who lost body pieces in the mud.

Thanks to Dave and his crew for bringing out the Go Karts this year. It was very nice to have a real track set up for everyone to race on. I hope you all got a chance to get out there.

Food turned out spectacular this year. We’ve always worked very hard in the past to get vendors to believe us on how many people we have and bring enough food for everyone, and always had trouble with getting it done. The guys at Gabrielle’s fire really pulled it off (even if they were 15 minutes late) and brought out plenty of great food. Dante of Dante’s Inferno himself came out to serve you guys hot dogs, made some great food, and had a blast himself. You may have seen him hanging around the show later in the evening.

Again, we appreciate every one of you. The show would not be possible without such a great community to support the show. We thank all of our sponsors, vendors, and volunteers for making this possible.

As always, we are open to any suggestions or concerns, we do ask that if you have any you email them to us at WestCoastSubaruShow@gmail.com.


WCSS 14 Coverage from Subiesport

Thanks everyone! We’ll see you all next year!

West Coast Subaru Show Committee



What YOU need to know about WCSS 14


We’re down to less than one short week before the show. I hope everyone has their cars cleaned up and all your new modifications installed. We’ve got some pretty cool things in store for everyone this year, and look forward to seeing everyone there. We’ve posted most of the information you need to know for the show, but here it all is in one easy to find place.

WCSS14 is all day Saturday August 18th (see schedule below) with camping available before the event Friday night, and after the event Saturday night.

Show Entry:
$10/car or $5/person if you don’t want to bring your car in

Camping Fees:
$15 for 1 night, or $20 for both nights.


Friday – Registration opens at 4pm
(Please be respectful and patient with all staff volunteers if you show up early!)


Registration Opens: 8am
Roll-In / Parking Begins:         10am
Lunch from Dante’s Inferno: Opens 11am
Show and Shine Judging: Starts 12pm
Mud Pit: 11 -1 & 3-5
Go-Karts: 12-5pm
Dinner from Gabriel’s Fire 5pm
Trophies/Raffle: Starts 6pm

Dante’s Inferno Dogs will be selling hot dogs and sausages throughout the day.

Gabriel’s Fire is catering the dinner.  They will be serving a Pulled Pork or Pulled Chicken sandwich, a Side of Jambalaya, and a Drink.
Pre-Registered entries will receive a voucher for 1 BBQ dinner free if they want it.  Vouchers will also be available for sale ($5) until we hit our limit.
Vouchers are good for 1 Meal: Sandwich, Side & Drink.

Please bring cash!
– Entry Fees
– Camping Fees
– Food
– Merch
– Raffle Tickets
– Vendors


Can we have Campfires?  No.  Grounds is under a burn ban.  BBQ’s are permitted.

Do I need to bring anything for Registration?  No.  As long as you have pre-registered you are in our system.  We will only need your name, or your number from the confirmation email.

Do we need helmets?  Gokarts will have loaners.  Mudpit does not require helmets, just proper restraints.  However, this does not mean bringing a helmet wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Can I bring my dog?  Is your dog well behaved around 100’s of people and loud running cars?  If they are, they are more than welcome.  If you have any doubts about how they will handle crowds or cars… for their safety and ours, please leave them at home.

Where do I pay for camping?  Camping is paid on site at the gate when you arrive.

Do I have my own camping site?  We are camping field style, and there is no site designations.

I didn’t order a shirt / glass, but really want one!  We will have shirts and glasses for sale at the show.

I didn’t pre-register, can I still come?  Yes!  It will take just a minute of your time to fill out the registration sheet at the gate, but otherwise its the same cost as pre-registering.  However, you do miss out on our awesome goodie bag.

Registration and Merchandise sales are open!


Pre-registration for this years show is now live! You should already have gotten the time off, so go ahead and click REGISTER to guarantee your goodie bag and extra raffle tickets.

We also now have pre-orders open for this years shirts and glasses.  STORE

WCSS 14 – Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Port Townsend, WA

It is as awesome as it looks.


Subaru Fans!

It’s that time of year again. Spring is upon us, and summer is fast approaching. The sound of Subarus converging on a sleepy little northwest town is creeping near.  We’ve chosen our site carefully this year, and settled on the small town of Port Townsend, home to the http://www.jeffcofairgrounds.com

Official dates: August 17th to the 19th. As always, Friday is set up for camping. Saturday is the main event, show, mud pit, raffles etc. and Sunday is pack up and go home.

This fairgrounds has much to offer;

-Plentiful camping, and options for more removed camping from the masses.

-An onsite mud pit, and mud drags lanes. (Yes, we have worked out the glorious return of the mudpit!)

-Outdoor covered vendor booths (That will face and combine with the show this year!)

-Plenty of room for activities.-Also sounds like we’ve got a lot of good options for food vendorship this year, which has always been tough in the past.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

West Coast Subaru Show Committee